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Professional Art Appraisals For

appraisal arrow Collectors securing their investment
appraisal arrow Insurance agents for customer appraisals
appraisal arrow Insurance Companies for claims settlement purposes
appraisal arrow To insure an item, contemporary, decorative or otherwise
appraisal arrow Art Galleries & Corporate Collections
appraisal arrow Artists Selling Prices Supported
appraisal arrow Educational Resources - See Featured Articles
appraisal arrow Charitable Institutions & Donations
appraisal arrow Estates & Trusts
appraisal arrow Estate Division

Values Only

appraisal arrow To learn how much to indicate on a consigned an item at an auction
appraisal arrow To learn how much to bid for an item at an auction beforehand
appraisal arrow To have a record of the value for contents insurance purposes (Note: This is for items that are not insured as scheduled articles)
appraisal arrow To determine if the cost for a full appraisal is warranted and justified beforehand
appraisal arrow Just plain curiosity. How much is it worth?


Distinguished Appraiser, J. Darragh M. Elliott, M.Sc., Ph.D.

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