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Favorite Articles and Papers

These articles and papers are designed and written based on business methodologies of the art industry. We hope they will provide an excellent resource for students of art and all those interested in art. Many of these articles should be considered by students because they explain why an artist should place themselves in the eyes of the purchaser. To learn what the purchaser wants to purchase and then be responsive to those desires and needs.

Number 12 -- A Word About Authentication.
Number 11 -- What Is the Point of a Marketing Plan Anyway?
Number 10 -- Questions Answered; Notes about our Featured Articles; & How to Contact and Link to Us
Number 9 -- How Am I Going To Get There ?
Number 8 -- Where Do I Want To Go ?
Number 7 -- Marketing
Number 6 -- Why An Artist Should Sign Every Work Created
Number 5 -- An Insatiable Collector -- Hanging and Displaying Collectibles
Number 4 -- An Insatiable Collector -- My Ten Rules For Buying Art At Auction
Number 3 -- An Insatiable Collector -- My Ten Rules For Purchasing Collectibles
Number 2 -- An Insatiable Collector -- My Ten Rules For Collecting Collectibles
Number 1 -- The Historical Significance Of Our Logo

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