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To save you money, we write a Master Appraisal Valuation that outlines our necessary qualifications and statements to support our opinions of value. This "Master Appraisal" comprises twelve or more pages and can be viewed under Sample Appraisal. An addendum page will be Attached to the "Master Appraisal" that fully describes the item appraised. When research is necessary and is located, it is added to the addendum page as further support of our opinions of value. After you have a "Master Appraisal", we do not rewrite this again for every item you wish to have appraised in the future, or for each and every item contained within a whole collection. We then only provide a further addendum page, for each item that fully describes each item appraised, plus the available research attachments. The addendum page, plus the attachments become part of your "Master Appraisal", including the conditions pertaining thereto. Three certified copies of the "Master Appraisal" are issued; one for your insurance company, one for yourself, and one for our records.

A separate quotation is required for each and every item we appraise. As new items are added to the original "Master Appraisal" it is not necessary to rewrite the "Master Appraisal" for each and every additional item. This method allows you to retain all items that we have appraised for you under one "Master Appraisal" rather than having a whole bunch of individual and separate appraisals for a number of items scattered all over the place. It also allows for much better record keeping, and provides a good method for updating your collection, without having to spend the time to find and research every item within your collection.


We appraise items within our areas of expertise for complete estate or trust collections as well as items offered for charitable purposes at Fair Market Values. These appraisals are in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice guidelines, and the applicable taxable rules and regulations in force and/or as amended. These appraisals also include the required IRS form for a Charitable Donation where required.


  • We are certified by the courts, and are listed as an Expert Witness within our noted areas of expertise. We can be called upon within a litigious situation to express our opinions for the eventual settlement of contentious issues.

  • We lecture at the university graduation level for the departments of fine art and business. We also lecture at the community college level, and to interested organizations.

  • Our subjects include a wide range of topics. Business methodologies employed within the art industry, consumer purchase and/or investment in art, the use of art for criminal activities, and even some of the forensic aspects pertaining to art.

  • We also appraise older works or art, sculpture, bronzes, objets d'art that are considered contemporary or otherwise, when they fall within our areas of expertise.

  • A number of our clients are not seeking an appraisal of their acquisition. They simply want to know more about what they purchased or intend to purchase. We will research and write a narrative report on the artist without providing an appraised value. These brief reports provide only a general interest outlined of the requested subject, with the research made only from our own library. We can also act as a consultant in such matters. Our fees to research and write a narrative report are negotiated and agreed upon prior to the undertaking of the assignment. Our fees vary as to the work required and the time to complete it. Email us for a quotation.

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